• A formal Anthropocene is compatible with but distinct from its diachronous anthropogenic counterparts 

      Zalasiewicz, Jan; Waters, Colin N.; Head, Martin J; Poirier, Clement; Summerhayes, Colin; Leinfelder, Reinhold; Grinevald, Jacques; Steffen, Will; Syvitski, James P.; Haff, Peter K.; McNeill, John R.; Wagreich, Michael; Fairchild, Ian J.; Richter, Daniel DeB.; Vidas, Davor; Williams, Mark; Barnosky, Anthony D.; Cearreta, Alejandro (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      We analyse the ‘three flaws’ to potentially defining a formal Anthropocene geological time unit as advanced by Ruddiman (2018). (1) We recognize a long record of pre-industrial human impacts, but note that these increased ...
    • Making the case for a formal Anthropocene Epoch: An analysis of ongoing critiques 

      Zalasiewicz, Jan; Waters, Colin N.; Wolfe, Alexander P.; Barnosky, Anthony D.; Cearreta, Alejandro; Edgeworth, Matt; Ellis, Erle C.; Fairchild, Ian J.; Gradstein, Felix M; Grinevald, Jacques; Haff, Peter K.; Head, Martin J; do Sul, Juliana A. Ivar; Jeandel, Catherine; Leinfelder, Reinhold; McNeill, John R.; Oreskes, Naomi; Poirier, Clement; Revkin, Andrew; Richter, Daniel DeB.; Steffen, Will; Summerhayes, Colin; Syvitski, James P.; Vidas, Davor; Wagreich, Michael; Wing, Scott L.; Williams, Mark (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2017)